About Oshe

Oshe, aka Stu Watkin, was evidently influenced by his daily exposure to the poster advertising Liverpool Overhead Railway which adorned the kitchen wall of his childhood home. The noise, dirt and pace of the railway were subdued by limited but vibrant colours. Emotions of ‘being there’ seemed quite possible. The Mersey was even a beautiful, rich, Mediterranean blue – what was this Utopia? There had to be more to it!

Using a similar approach Oshe now presents views in which the complexities of real life are reduced to a simplified vision. Peripheral elements are removed and colours limited, leaving the viewer to enjoy visions of form without distraction.

Oshe believes a healthy appetite for the three-dimensional, tactile, graphic wonder that is Lego, painting cart horses (by numbers), and a love of poster art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries have all influenced the way he portrays the world in these luxe vistas.